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Former international model Kei is a photographer based in Los Angeles, having shot for some of Hollywood's best talents. Beyond her passion for photography, the knowledge of years working in the fashion industry and her experience as a talent give her a unique perspective that combined with her aesthetics, generated a fun, elegant, and transformative eye. Her photographic style is dynamic and versatile and she focuses on optimizing her clients' portfolios.

authors of "Out on a Balloon". This kids' book exposes children to issues of multiculturalism, acceptance, behavior, and a bit of geography. 

Kei is the creator and Art director of Nuts for Fashion Magazine, a collective magazine about lifestyle, wellness, and fashion. The intention of creating a platform is to highlight women artists, designers, coach photographers, and entrepreneurs from different fields. NFF is a free and creative base where different disciplines can share a common passion and engage in current critical discourse.

A platform made by women for women.