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Former international model Kei is a photographer based in Los Angeles.

 Having shot for some of Hollywood's best talents, her work appears published in high-level magazines like BAZZAR HARPER  and Men's health. Beyond her passion for photography, the knowledge of years working in the fashion industry and her experience as a talent give her a unique perspective combined with her aesthetics, generating a fun, elegant, and transformative eye. Her photographic style is dynamic and versatile Kei focuses on optimizing her clients' portfolios.

Authors of "Out on a Balloon" This kids' book exposes children to issues of multiculturalism, acceptance, behavior, and a bit of geography. 

Kei is the creator and Art director of Nuts for Fashion Magazine, a collective magazine about lifestyle, wellness, and fashion. NFF is a  platform to highlight women artists, designers, coach photographers, and entrepreneurs from different fields. 

A platform made by women for women.